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In store phone: 320-698-7121


After hours: 320-361-0006



 Monday thru Friday - 7:30 am to 5pm

Saturday:  10am-2pm and Some evening events

Sunday:  Mostly closed...some special events

"Madison Mercantile" is a Center for Community, Art and Innovation in Madison.  We are at the South end of Main Street in the shadow of the grain silos.  The Mercantile continues to evolve....we currently work in these areas:

Coffee House:  A for-profit coffee and gathering place.


Art Gallery and Studios:  A Non-Profit  Art Gallery with Music Stage and Artist Studios

Community Workshop / Men's Shed:  A "makers space' for folks to be creative and productive


 Business Innovation Remote Work Center:  A comfortable space to work and innovate

Wellness Room: A room for exercise, reflection, yoga and meditation

Good Food Co-op:  A new space to develop markets for local producers


Together, these entities form an accessible, inclusive, welcoming and creative environment for folks of all ages and stripes to relax, work, dream and create. 

Our Location

Madison Mercantile
601 1st Street
Madison, MN


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