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  • Kris Shelstad

Forging Ahead - A year into the journey

A year and a month ago we closed on the big old cinder block building formerly known as "Brehmer's." Known in my youth as Great Plains Supply, later as Meyer Building Center. Recent history documents indicate this spot was a wood pile, a sawmill, a staging point next to the railroad. Of course, this land was and still is Dakota homeland.

Fifteen thousand square feet of possibility has become an Art Gallery, a Music Stage, Art Studios, Coffee House... gathering space. We now have an office rented for Caregiver Support Services, an studio for massage, a space for local foods, a new newspaper and a community workshop. Twelve year old boys claimed space this we are now a youth center. Energetic ladies moved in and started an exercise studio. Over one dozen organizations meet here and community is born again.

Where do we go from here? We re-organize and streamline, ensuring our foundation is strong and firmly rooted in no-kidding local community. We improve our accessibility and we vehemently push diversity and inclusion. We build a longer table and ensure everyone has a seat and a voice. We build for the future - to be sustainable, flexible and relevant.

We do what our community needs to thrive!

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