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Cultivating Community


Provide an accessible, equitable, inclusive and flexible space that supports Art, Culture, Community and Innovation to our city and our region.


The Madison Art and Innovation Center - known as The Madison Mercantile -  is a welcoming, accessible and multi-functional space responsive to community needs.  The Center includes an Art Gallery, Stage, Music Room, Community Workshop, Classrooms, Studios, Offices, Wellness Room and common use spaces for gathering, growing and learning.  The Center operates a for-profit coffee house and gift shop.  The center provides opportunity and programs for all area residents.  







Our mission is to provide a place for Community, Culture, Connection and Innovation in our region. Our goals include inclusivity and accessibility - ensuring all are welcome regardless of age, identity, ability or origin. We strive to listen to the community and let them reveal what they need and want; we commit to being flexible, changing and growing to meet our community's needs.  Some specific goals include: Bring Music and Art to our residents....Provide a modern co-working facility... Attract new and returning residents... Attract innovative job opportunities....Provide technology and business innovation tools to entrepreneurs.

We bought a giant building (a former lumber yard and hardware store at the end of Main Street) and decided to bring "the good things" to our underserved area. We listened to our community and are building an art gallery, studio and office space, music stage ,coffee house, community workshop, wellness room and business innovation center.


We feel that our facility can spark a renaissance in our town - and in the region - that will attract new residents by providing the amenities that young professionals want along with a safe and comfortable place to raise their families. We are also providing an inclusive, accessible, equitable space for community organizations to grow and thrive. We have over a dozen organizations that call our facility "home" - quilt clubs, book clubs, study groups, bible study, Narcotics Anonymous, music and theater groups and our newly formed Diversity Council.




Meet The Team


Kristine Shelstad

Chief Energizing Officer


Megan Ronglien

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