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  • Kris Shelstad

Need a place to do your thing? Got an Idea?

We want the Mercantile to be.....what it needs to be. What do we need here in Madison? Here's some ideas:

-Good Coffee (we'll do that)

- A place to just hang out....someplace to meet a friend

- Room for kids to run

- A great place to meet clients - some quiet and private nooks

- Piles of books

- Comfy couches and chairs

- A place to host "Book Club"

- Room for a quilting circle!

- Space for family-friendly music. Open Mic?

- A room for zoom...the ability to host "zoom" meetings for business or family

- A self-service "Dog Wash"!

- An occasional office

- Welcoming to teens

What else are you thinking?????

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1 Comment

bridget bly
bridget bly
Jul 08, 2021

Sounds as if the Madison Merc is speeding along. Can't wait to see it! Great idea, great work.

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