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  • Kris Shelstad

Intergenerational Teamwork

The Madison Mercantile has had so much help since we've started this journey! We've had area teens helping this summer and it has been so much fun!

Gary Vangsness has been familiar face if you've been in to see our progress. After a shoulder injury Gary had to change up and lighten his workload. Luckily we've had the help of a few area teenagers, who have been eager to learn! The perfect situation for Gary to help us out and teach these young fellas some new skills! Madison Mercantile strives to be an inclusive space for everyone to come together, and learn from each other, and we are starting at the building of our own walls!

Intergenerational Teamwork is something we want to offer at the Madison Mercantile. A place for people of all ages to come to find community! It's been a blessing to be able to give these kids a purpose and things to learn this summer! We hope to continue to offer things to do for the younger generations of Madison and the surrounding area. As well as things to do for the older generations of our community!

We are continuing to work on getting our 'Mens Shed' going. We've met with local men to get their input on what they'd like to have the Madison Mercantile 'Men's Shed' be! Men’s Shed provides a variety of interesting and healthy activities in a safe and accepting environment that the Members choose for themselves. These activities can include building things for themselves and others, doing community service projects or other volunteer opportunities.

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